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Application form for the software "Colony Counting System for Easy Plate"


The software is available for free download.

To prevent unauthorized copying of the software, we kindly ask you to register the PC name and MAC adress of the computer on which you intend to install it.


*Please refer to this link for instructions on how to check your PC name and MAC address.


  • Upon completion of the application form, we will provide you with the following:
  • Installer for the software
  • User manual
  • Test image for analysis using this software


Please note that a designated scanner (Brother Industries ADS-4300N) is required for imaging with Easy Plate. This scanner is not sold by our company.

【Important Points】

The Colony Counter System is dedicated software for Easy Plate and cannot be used with products from other companies. Applications from competing companies will be declined.

We cannot accept applications from free email addresses (such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.).

Please refrain from transferring the software to individuals who are not registered on this form.

Please fill in the required information below and click the "Next" button.



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Do you use ATP test in your work? If yes, which one?
Which microbiological test is used in your laboratory?
How did you know about this Colony Counting System?
*If you selected “Distributor” or “Others”, please let us know the details
Is Easy Plate implemented in your facility?
If you use the microbiological testing, how many tests do you perform per day?
Do you have any problems with your present microbiological test?
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